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Our fixed income platform is founded on shared knowledge and the expertise that comes with over 60 years of experience across market cycles. Specialist teams offer opportunities across every major fixed income sector, seeking to deliver consistently strong risk-adjusted returns.

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A common process on a global scale

We believe the best fixed income outcomes are a result of combining the keenest minds with the most comprehensive resources. Every day, our 280 specialist investment professionals, across sectors and markets, share their knowledge and insight to help our clients build stronger portfolios.

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A shared global research language

Every investment decision is assessed in-house, using one common language that brings together Fundamental, Quantitative, and Technical analysis. This FQT research language allows us to analyse and compare individual securities, sectors and markets, ensuring only the best ideas are implemented in portfolios.

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Fundamental factors include macroeconomic data (such as growth and inflation) as well corporate health figures (such as default rates, earnings and leverage metrics)

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Quantitative valuation is a measure of the extent to which a sector or security is rich or cheap (on both an absolute basis as well as versus history and relative to other sectors)

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Technical factors are primarily supply and demand dynamics (issuance and flows), as well as investor positioning and momentum

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Integrated, multi-layered risk management

Multi-dimensional risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process. Portfolio managers have ultimate responsibility for investment risk, with an embedded risk management function and an independent risk team providing additional layers of oversight.

The portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk, but does not imply low risk.